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The students of the MGR IHMT actively take part in following activities in the institute every year. Some of activities are listed below:

Food Festivals
Food Festivals are an annual feature of the Institution, forming a mandatory part of the academic requirement of the students.

Students Chef Competitions
Student Chef Team Challenge is a leading excellent competition. It is open to teams of full-time hospitality or catering college students. The challenge provides an opportunity for student chefs to showcase their talents.

College Sports
Facilities for Cricket, Volley ball, Foot Ball, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, Track and field events are available in the campus.

Various Cultural program mes are conducted every year in MGR IHMT for students and staffs. It is mandatory that all must participate in the cultural activities

Industrial Visits
Industrial visits are organized ranging from breweries and distilleries to various hotels, flight catering units and bakeries in Chennai and nearby places.

Many Seminars are organized in and out of campus and the students and staffs are awarded for the participation.

Work Shops
Many workshop activities are arranged for the students to prove their talents every 2 to 3 months.

Guest Leturers
Guest Leturers are arranged for students and staffs

Theme Lunch
Activities like theme lunch services are imparted here. Students are trained in leadership management skills and are moulded to meet global standards. It consists of a bar counter where students are trained for professional bar tending with highly qualified and experienced faculties.