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  • During the third/fourth semester, student has to undergo training in a star hotel, is mandatory. The institute will help students in placing. However, if a student is willing to fix their own training, they can do so after obtaining permission
  • The institute's training and placement coordinator will be the sole person responsible for arranging the Industrial training in an appropriate organization. His/her decision will be binding on the student. No request from the student or the guardian for change in organization will be entertained
  • Once the institute assigns a hotel to a student, the student is expected to complete the training with the same hotel. No change of hotel would be entertained. Non- completion of training will automatically make the student ineligible to continue the studies.
  • If a student is discontinues from the training midway, MGRIHMCT will not arrange for any alternate training
  • 100 percent attendance is expected from every student during training. Student should strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the hotel in which they are training
  • The institute will closely monitor training. Remember that you are the representative of the institute while training. Any irregularities will be seriously dealt with. Even a minor complaint from the Training or HR department may result in expulsion from the institute.
  • Student is expected to maintain a daily log book during the training period to enter his daily activities in the department he/she is training. The student should obtain the signature of the supervisor of the department after completing the log.
  • On successful completion of the training the student is required to submit a copy of the certificate, WTO sheets along with the completed log book to the institute's training coordinator within 5 working days of commencement of class
  • Student is expected to submit a detailed report on his/her training in duplicate and present the same during the presentation and viva examination for IET
  • MGRIHMCT will not entertain any training certificate other than that issued by the organization with which the training has been arranged. In such a case, the student training will be treated as cancelled. Production of false training certificate, if attempted, will lead to immediate expulsion of the student from the institute