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Dipit Manmohan Pawa, Mumbai
I never thought that subjects like cooking and housekeeping can be so interesting & innovative. MGR IHM had shown me the way to be successful. Now I got selected in ITC Grand Maratha, Mumbai. Thanks to MGR IHM for shaping my career.
Varun Sehrawat, New Delhi
I am thankful to MGR IHM for providing additional classes of personality development and communication. Without that I would not have got selected in Star Cruise, Le Royal Meridiene, and ISTA, Bangalore.
Akshay Chaudhary, Faridabad, Haryana
Here at MGR IHM we have not only course material to study but also the books of high standard to the related subjects in our library. I am now offered jobs in The Oberoi, New Delhi, and Taj Group of Hotel. All because of my sincere and friendly faculties of MGR IHM and their effort.
Aman Mehrotra, Uttarakhand
My life is now no more self-centered, it is dedicated for the guests of my country. This is all because of MGR IHM.
Hadkar Neha Ramdos, Mumbai
I was looking forward to join a professional course, which could guide me in accomplishing my ambition. And finally I got success by getting admission in MGR IHM. Now I am offered placement in Star Cruise and Hotel Green Park, Chennai. Thanks MGR IHM.
Gaurav Mahaver, Chattisgarh
I am lucky enough to join MGR IHM with a state of art infrastructure and all modern facilities available here.
Navin Kumar, Jharkhand
I am very thankful to God and my parents, because they sent me to MGR IHM to build my career. I am with full of confidence now; MGR IHM creates an environment of professionalism while teaching.
Archisha Singh Bais, Lucknow
I got offers from Trident Oberoi, Marriott, ITC Gardenia, and Ginger Group of hotels. All this because of MGR IHM. I’ve got jobs in reputed Hotels and now I am foreseeing a great future in the Industry. Thanks to the wonderful and friendly teaching at MGR IHM.
Monika Rani, Jharkhand
MGR IHM has taught me that, with ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable. Now I have job offers from Trident Oberoi, Marriott, and Ginger Group of Hotel. Thanks MGR IHM
Ramesh Kumar Yadhav, Bihar
Knowledge is the stuff from which new ideas are made. The real key to being creative lies in what you do with your knowledge - The essence of Personality Development Classes. This I learnt from MGR IHM, the best Institute to study hotel Management.
Rolly Fernandez, Goa
If you want to know how to win, then be ready to join MGR IHM. After joining MGR IHM, I learnt the techniques of success.
Anuj Shandilya, Haryana
We study here in a very warm and healthy environment with a mixed feeling of cooperation and competition. The Institute prepares you not just a hotelier but a good human being. Thanks to MGR IHM, that I have job offers from Taj Group of hotels, and Le Royal Meridiene
Naseer Ahmed Wani, Jammu & Kashmir
My Institute is my true well-wisher. It sees me through; believe in things I want to do, feel glad when my dreams come true. I am proud to be the student of MGR IHM.
Marichika Grower, New Delhi
If your mind can perceive, and your heart can believe, you will achieve - This I learnt from MGR IHM.
Shivam Pandey, Uttar Pradesh
Today is the era of formal education but here, in my Institute, MGR IHM, we always learn in the formal education in informal way. The friendly atmosphere here at MGR IHM makes you learn the professional education without fear.
Rucha Gosavi, Maharashtra
The interactive method of teaching here is fabulous. You learn the all aspects of hoteliering by practicing in the state of the art laboratories. This makes you a true professional. I am proud to be a student of MGR IHM.
Shweta Shukla Anand, Thane, Maharashtra
It's a place, which taught me self discipline, made me a self-driven person who can take responsibilities. For most it made me a professional out of a schoolboy. Now I have job offers from Trident Oberoi, Marriott, Le Royal Meridiene, and GRT Grand, Chennai. Thanks to MGR IHM.
Mithun Ravindran, Kerala
Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out this I learnt at MGR IHM. MGR IHM has given me a great opportunity to prove myself as a hard-worker.
Naresh Chand, Uttarakhand
From all that I have seen at MGR IHM, I am more than ever convinced that my Institute communicates, represents, describes and expresses people, their lives and times.
Swaroop Mukherjee, Kolkatta
Someone asked me to describe MGR IHM in two words, the person expected me to answer the word the best, but I simply smiled and replied --- 'NO COMPARISON.'